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About Our Credit Repair Affiliate Program


Refer unqualified applicants to us  via our secure online portal. Then, we perform an in-depth credit analysis to look at each credit item negatively affecting their credit scores and develop a plan of action to address these items.

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Credit Repair

Our team works with the referred client to repair their credit by using our years of expertise to dispute inaccuracies and educate the clients on how to manage credit. Our affiliates can track the progress of each referral through our online affiliate portal.

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The result of using our credit repair program is that your clients will have better credit and a better understanding of the purchasing process, whether it's a new home, a new car, or other purchases. Now we refer the now qualified client back to you for approval!

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Here's A Few of Our Current Affiliates

  • Realtor®

  • Mortgage Lender

  • Salesperson

  • Tax Professional

  • Law Office

  • Financial Services

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